What makes Bay Media the leading provider of custom printed indoor and outdoor advertising solutions isn’t just our expertise and experience in producing vinyl banners, flags, wall and window stickers, site hoardings, and vehicle wraps. It’s also our ability to see the marketing potential of any space, regardless of its limitations or challenges.

Where others see a dull, awkward or unusable space, we see an opportunity to bring a space to life and give it the power to advertise products, businesses and events.

Here are five spaces that Bay Media can activate with advertising installations that might surprise you.

5 spaces you didn’t think you could activate

1. Concrete walls and vacant shops

To the creatives at Bay Media, unsightly concrete walls are like blank canvases that can be reimagined into highly effective marketing displays with our high-quality advertising installations.

Similarly, empty retail developments or stores under construction can be transformed from eyesores to stunning visual displays using our premium vinyl site and shop hoardings.

Our printed hoardings create smart advertising spaces that showcase branding, promotions, upcoming events and other marketing materials.

Particularly popular with shopping centres and community precinct developments, each eye-catching vinyl display is printed with bright, engaging and effective images and text that don’t just hide a dull space but turns it into an effective means of marketing. Our site hoardings can be installed inside or outside.

2. Slippery surfaces and windows in full sun

When most people think of advertising, they think of blank walls and ceiling banners, but did you know that practically every surface is a marketing opportunity? We create stunning displays for almost every surface including windows and floors.

Windows transform from a pane of glass to a wonderful advertising installation with a range of decals and window stickers, and floors turn into a pathway to profit with our range of heavy-duty stickers that don’t just promote your product or event but can actually help prevent slipping.

We can event install window designs that use smart materials to help reduce light reflection and glare in spaces that receive full sunlight.

Our shop window graphics and decals are available in block-out and one-way vision to suit all needs and locations.

car wrap

3. Tricky, awkward spaces and moving vehicles

Where others see a difficult space to advertise, we see an opportunity to put our extensive design and engineering skills to work – and a great example of that is our car wraps.

Bay Media is considered industry leaders in car wraps, turning cars into mobile billboards and exposing your marketing to hundreds of people in different locations every day.

Bay Media uses only the best vinyl products from leading suppliers, such as Avery and 3M to deliver a range of options – from simple vehicle window decals and company logos on vehicle doors to full vehicle or car wraps covering the whole vehicle.

We can custom design and create a range of car wrapping signage to suit every business or event, and unlike custom paint jobs, they’re not permanent. They can be removed or switched-out for another car wrap at any time.

We can also maximise advertising and branding in awkward spots like corners or on stairs to complement the overall installation.

World Square steps

4. Areas with high pylons or ceilings

Sometimes the space most effective for marketing isn’t a wall, floor or window – it’s the empty space above our heads.

Bay Media is best known for its banner advertising in large atriums and shopping centres across the country, using our exclusive BannerDrop banner winch system.

We have delivered a project for Stockland Retail that saw banner advertising installed at 45 locations. Normally, a project of this size would be prohibitively expensive, given the diversity of locations and sites but we were able to provide a nation-wide solution and standard application for all centres.

Our BannerDrop banner winches were installed in every location, each individually programmed. The simple-to-use system meant that centre management were able to operate the units, keeping the project easy and on budget.

Elevator signage

5. Working around existing infrastructure

Every precinct, shopping centre or retail space contains infrastructure that is essential to its operation, but which can also be transformed into marketing opportunities.

Elevator doors and escalator side panels are great examples of blank spaces that can really breathe life into an otherwise dull area, with our colourful and vibrant stickers and decals. Our funky advertising installation on the side of the escalators and on steps at World Square shopping centre added life to the space and turned it into a feature of the centre.

Bay Media can create a vinyl covering to suit any space in any shape. Have a look around your site – what infrastructure is begging to be transformed into an advertising opportunity?

Got a tricky space to activate? We can help

With the technical expertise to create quality commercial banner displays of all shapes, sizes and materials, Bay Media are the professionals in delivering complex advertising installations.

If you have a space that you’d like to activate with an advertising installation but not sure what’s possible, get in touch so we can find a solution for you.

Give us a call on 1300 554 936 or send us a message via our contact form.

How Bay Media executes complex installations
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