In a visual age, the right images can give more power to your advertising campaign, but how do you make sure they will really land with your audience?

Here are 5 points to consider about images you want to use in your marketing.

1) What is the main message you want to get across to your target market?
If the product you are promoting is for shiny, luxurious and healthy hair, then the images you use for your campaign should tell that story in the first 3 seconds. Your customers should instantly connect with the visuals and want to know more.

2) Do the images fit with your brand culture?
When showcasing your brand it’s vital to have complementary images that are a good fit. The right images will help boost your brand’s credibility and build trust with your audience. They should be fresh, relevant and current, even inspiring your audience to share on social media.

3) Do your images have the ‘wow factor’?
Ideally advertisers want their potential customers to do a ‘double take’ when they first see your images. When striking, they have the power to instantly grab attention and can lend weight to the headlines and content you include in your marketing.

4) Should you use stock images or do a photo shoot?
In 2019, stock libraries contain a wealth of stunning images taken by highly skilled professional photographers across the world. Never before have we had access to such a wide range of ‘royalty free’ photos and illustrations available from under $100 through to exceptional ‘rights managed’ photos for larger campaigns. In many cases stock photos can perfectly fit the bill for your campaign but they’re not exclusive and can still be used by other advertisers. When exclusivity is key, a dedicated photo shoot is the best option to highlight your unique products.

5) Are your images instantly recognisable for your business?
When it comes to marketing, keeping it simple is often the best solution. Images that are quick to recognise can work wonders for your brand. When your customers see your images – you want them to quickly associate them with your business and what you are offering.

The Bay Media team have enormous collective experience in using images in marketing. We can assist you to select or source stock images or help in planning a photo shoot. We take great pride in producing the highest quality visual marketing materials possible to present your brand in the best light and can deliver to virtually any retail or commercial location, Australia wide.

For more information on using images in your marketing or to discuss your upcoming campaign, call our team today on: 1300 554 936.

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