Bay Media clients are thrilled with Bannerdrop – a revolutionary remote-controlled ceiling display system.

No longer do you need to pay a fortune for expensive equipment and workers to change over your hanging banners. With the Bannerdrop hanging advertisement system, changing your banners is as simple as pushing a button.

Powered by a discreet electrical motor system,

features a remote-controlled banner hoist and compact winch unit which makes installing banners easy.

So how can this system save you money and increase your revenue?

  1. Bannerdrop can transform your empty ceiling space into increased income. The banner space can be promoted to retailers, marketing agencies and other businesses offering a unique advertising opportunity and creating a constant revenue stream.
  2. From what was previously unaffordable, Bannerdrop can save businesses unnecessary expense. With traditional banners, a scissor lift would be required to safely change over advertising material. Equipment hire and manpower are costly and can only be used outside trading hours. With this innovative remote control system, the banner is automatically lowered, a new banner is attached and then raised back into place all at the touch of a button.
  3. Bannerdrop is a great time-saver. The whole banner changeover process now takes minutes whereas previously would involve planning, hire of workers and equipment. Usually, businesses would change all their banners over at the same time to save expense. This new system means that a single banner can be changed at any time without any extra cost or fuss.

Bay Media offer this world-class product with assurance that it’s the most advanced system of its kind. Extensive engineering tests have proven Bannerdrop to be reliable, durable and efficient. It is certified under AS/NZ1418.2 Cranes & Winches and backed by a 12-month warranty, with an option to extend to 3 or 5 years.

Shopping centres owned by AMP, Stockland, Lend Lease and QIC are thrilled with this product and use them throughout their properties on a regular basis. Retailers, advertising agencies and other businesses also see great value for displaying large format media and vinyl hanging banners.

The Bay Media team can custom design your banners or print from your own artwork, and supply in high-resolution vibrant colour to attract attention with your target market.

Prompt and professional installation can be arranged in virtually any retail or commercial location around Australia.

For more information on this product or for a free quote, call our Bay Media team on: 1300 554 936.

Construction signage designed, printed & installed including fence mesh wrap banners, site hoardings and so on.
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