Christmas has come early this year, with the Warrnambool City Council unveiling the finishing touches to the redevelopment of Liebig St, with the installation of 30 BannerSaver light pole banner brackets & banners.

Christmas is in full swing, and BannerSaver proves to be an effective way to bring any street scape to life. A great way to publicise upcoming events or seasons, not to mention the opportunities for local retailers to advertise.

What is BannerSaver?

Bay Media’s unique spring loaded BannerSaver™ banner brackets ensure your advertising banners and flags remain taut and looking great at all times with no need for unsightly wind holes or troublesome breakaway clips. The BannerSaver™ banner bracket is the only bracket that significantly reduces wind loading on columns and protects outdoor banners and flags from twisting and tearing. The exclusive BannerSaver™ design ensures your promotional banners have a far longer life than fixed arm banners or flags, whilst providing high quality hassle free promotion, branding and advertising.

Why did they choose BannerSaver?

Traditional light pole flags and banners often fail to meet engineering and Operational Health & Safety requirements as strong winds and environmental factors create a range of safety issues. The BannerSaver™ spring loaded banner bracket system overcomes many of these obstacles due to its ability to spill in excess of 80% of the wind and reduce the loading on both pole and banner. As the wind force increases, the tensioned spring on the BannerSaver™ bracket relieves the wind forces and gradually turns the advertising banner out of the wind.

Join the hundreds of happy customers across Australia who are utilising BannerSaver™ to deliver messages throughout their towns.

To learn more about the BannerSaver system, Click here

BannerSaver BannerSaver

Enquire with Bay Media today to see what benefits BannerSaver™ can add to your town today. Call 1300 554 936.


BannerSaver Council


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