Councils across Australia choose BannerSaver as their preferred light pole banner brackets to promote services and facilities in their region. Banners are a highly effective medium to communicate important messages, promote events and provide seasonal decorations & BannerSaver is many councils preferred solution for street light pole banner brackets.

So what makes BannerSaver banner brackets superior to other light pole banner brackets?

This world-leading product has been engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. Regular banners often tear or fall off in high winds, whereas BannerSaver is proven to last longer than fixed arm banners.

By implementing existing infrastructure, BannerSaver’s advanced, spring-loaded system can be easily fitted to any light pole. In high-wind environments, the wind-release system reduces stress on banners and poles.

Once fitted, banners remain taut with no need for unsightly wind holes. Our production team use tear-resistant, block out vinyls and fabrics printed using UV stabilised inks. Eyelets are stainless steel and pockets are triple stitched in production. We take every possible step to ensure banners will continue to look sharp and professional for the life of a promotion.

BannerSaver is the most specified banner bracket in the world. By implementing this robust system, councils negate extra costs in replacing torn or missing banners after a storm, saving time and resources and achieving a great return on investment.

The state of the art design also meets operational health and safety requirements which makes it a popular inclusion in council’s risk management plans.

Banners can be used to increase awareness in the community of new developments or issues affecting the area. They can also be a brilliant way to promote upcoming events with consistent, vibrant visual marketing.

Prompt delivery and installation can be arranged to any council location Australia wide.

For overall cost savings, councils will find Bannersaver continues to provide a high quality and hassle free marketing solution. For a free quote or more information, call our Bay Media team today on: 1300 554 936.


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