Whether they’re mounted on shopping centre ceilings, bringing community precincts to life, or adding colour to sporting events, every Bay Media advertising installation is unique.

What’s more, the installations are individually designed and created with technical specifications created specifically for the space they occupy and the individual needs of the client.

Customers and visitors see only vibrant, high quality advertising installations; clients see only cost-efficient, effective installations that help them achieve their marketing goals. What they don’t see is all the background work that supports complex installations.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and see why Bay Media is the company that Australia’s leading brands turn to for complex advertising installations.

How Bay Media handles complex installations

Before the first banner flies, before that old light post gets a new lease on life, at Bay Media we make sure everything is in place to address specific needs of a complex installation.

We cover three main aspects:


Bay Media delivers indoor and outdoor advertising installations from the concept and design phase, right through to the installation, and according to the specifications that differ from job to job.

It might be an unusually shaped space, a difficult-to-get-to space, or have unique constraints or opportunities – our creative and innovative installation team creates solutions and delivers installations that maximise your advertising potential.

Legal aspects of installation

Every advertising installation requires a raft of approvals and legal considerations, and we are across them all.

We manage council permits, building contracts, shopping centre and precinct approvals, and the approval process for signage design – all those annoying, but necessary, legal requirements, so you don’t have to.

Technical details

Where an advertising installation will be placed plays a large role in deciding the technical specifications. Light pole banners, for example, are exposed to all kinds of weather; shopping centre suspended banners need to be lightweight.

Our technical team are experts in designing advertising installations that meet specific and individual technical specifications, and are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to install and dismantle installations.

Complex installations: World Square

Complex installations: World Square

Complex installations for retail, major events, governments and placemaking

At Bay Media, we provide indoor and outdoor marketing and promotional media to some of the biggest and best-known brands and events in Australia.

We support a range of industries including:


Shopping centres and retail precincts engage the thousands of people that walk through every day to promote businesses, celebrate events and publicise promotions by using existing space on windows, floors, checkout areas, or outside areas.

Stockland Retail wanted to sell advertising space in atriums and high-traffic areas in 45 of its shopping centres, but the cost of individually creating, installing and changing banners was prohibitive. Bay Media addressed this by using our BannerDrop banner winch system, which provided a simple means of installing and removing large-format vinyl banners. In each location, the winches are individually programmed, and centre management is given training on how to operate the units.

At World Square, Sydney CBD’s premier shopping district, we coordinated an installation that portrayed brand dominance that was bright and eye-catching. The installation had to make use of narrow and small spaces in creative ways to illustrate a strong brand presence. This involved a bold entry doorway, striking non-slip floor decals, graphic fixtures on the side of an escalator and on escalator panels, as well as decals fixed to steps and benches. The installation required precision to ensure the decals properly fit into small and unusually sized spaces. We also needed a sound understanding of different surfaces and textures, and we had to be mindful of selecting suitable materials to adhere to these surfaces and also withstand wear and tear.

Complex installations: Optus

Complex installations: Optus

Another comprehensive installation we completed was for Optus. This involved a widespread presence of their 5G campaign and involved fitting and mounting mixed-media collateral, some of which were in hard-to-reach places. It included overhead signage, banners hung from ceiling space, strategically placed hoarding, pole wraps and floor vinyls. The challenge was creating a unified look and feel for the advertising campaign throughout the retail complex while maximising the use of available space to place the collateral.

Major events

Bay Media helps organisations promote sports, festivals, and school, community and arts events with stunningly printed outdoor event signage, flags and banners.

Melbourne Olympic Park Trust were using fabric flags on light poles and flag poles around the MCG, Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena to promote events, but the flags were becoming worn after just a few weeks.

Bay Media solved the issue by repurposing the existing flag poles and installing BannerSaver brackets. The unique wind-spilling capabilities of BannerSaver brackets meant that the flag poles could be repurposed, and large double-sided vinyl banners could be displayed throughout the area.

ISAF Sailing World Cup

Government and placemaking

Bay Media works with councils to promote and beautify local precincts with stunningly printed outdoor media such as flags and banners.

During Sunshine Town Centre’s redevelopment, Brimbank City Council wanted to use light pole banners to promote the activity centre. The problem was, the light poles could not support large banners due to wind loading and weight restrictions. Bay Media used BannerSaver brackets and banners, with unique wind-spilling capabilities that allowed larger banners to be displayed on the light poles.

Call in the experts for complex advertising installations

With the technical expertise to create quality commercial banner displays of all shapes, sizes and materials, Bay Media are the professionals in delivering complex advertising installations.

Contact us today to find out how we can create premium indoor and outdoor advertising solutions for your shopping centre, outdoor precinct, or corporate building.

Call 1300 554 936 or send us a message via our contact form.

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