When mapping out your visual marketing strategy for 2019, consider the following 3 ways to ensure your campaigns reach your target audience.

1) Memorability
With visual marketing materials, it’s imperative to choose photographs, graphics or headlines that will stick with your potential customers. Knowing your demographic well and using images that will stand out and command attention is the key to client engagement. By placing the same graphics on different mediums and in different locations, your campaign will become even more memorable.

2) Have a clear message
By keeping your message simple and clear, your clients are more likely to respond. Use powerful and engaging words that are easy to understand and remember. With most visual marketing campaigns, you only have a few seconds to catch your customers’ eye. If they can get your message in 3 seconds or less, then your ad has the potential to succeed.

3) Include a call to action
In visual marketing, a call to action could be as simple as including your web address. You’ve communicated who you are and what you’re offering, so it’s vital to also include ‘how to reach you’. In situations where you’ve got a captive audience, you could include a statement like: “call us today” or “arrange a free trial”.

Bay Media assist clients around Australia with their visual marketing campaigns from large shopping centres, councils, airports, schools, universities and franchises through to small retail outlets or offices. Our team are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience in all aspects of graphic design, branding, marketing and events. We specialise in producing quality internal and external signage along with our flagship products Bannersaver & Bannerdrop.

We offer a free initial consultation to assist you in planning your visual marketing campaign and will include a free quote to produce any items you may need. Our product range is vast and can incorporate almost any printed display medium from small point of sale signs through to large building wraps.

For a free quote or to discuss your next campaign, call our team today on: 1300 554 936.

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