One of Bay Media’s most popular products for gaining an instant visual impact is outdoor signs. Here are 5 tips to ensure you reach potential clients.

  1. Know your audience
    Identify specific groups of consumers by age, gender and location who are most likely to respond to your brand. Create a clear profile of your ideal customers including income bracket and other motivating factors that may appeal to them. The more specific you can be with your target market, the better your sign will work.
  2. Have a clear message
    Try to say who you are and what you’re offering in a few seconds. Resist the temptation to say too much in one advertisement, but rather make your outdoor signs punchy and engaging.
  3. Ensure your branding is ‘on point’
    By focusing your brand ‘look and feel’ aimed at a niche market, your outdoor signs will be more effective in reaching potential clients and generating new business.
  4. Be factual
    Clearly display a date and time for your event. Include keywords or pose questions that your clients will respond to. By getting straight to the point, your outdoor signs will gain more attention and achieve better results.
  5. Include a ‘call to action’
    Remember to ask for the business. Feature a ‘call us now’ and phone number, or ‘book today’ and web address.

Effective outdoor signs are a vital base to cover for your brand to gain real recognition in the marketplace. When positioned in a place that has a captive audience, regular foot traffic or a high volume of passing trade, they immediately have potential to reach your audience and boost sales.

Bay Media can partner with our clients to produce stunning outdoor signs from concept to completion.

Our creative team will take time to help identify your demographic and design outdoor signs will present your brand in the best possible way.

We employ cutting edge manufacturing technology and produce signs in vibrant, sharp colour using professional quality materials, engineered to be durable and UV protected.

Delivery and installation can be arranged to virtually any retail or commercial location, Australia wide.

For more information on outdoor signs or for a free quote, call our team today on: 1300 554 936.

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